CD-Pro2LF Loader + Display PCB (Bauteile und Leiterplatte)

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Dieses CD-Pro2 LF-Kit besteht aus dem CD-Pro2LF und der DSA-Controller Board und Anzeigeteil mit LCD-Display Blau / Weiß. (nicht gelötet, nur Bauteile und Leiterplatte).

  • Das DSA Board und Display Board kann in unterschiedlichen Situation in das Gehäuse eingebaut werden.
  • Es ist nur ein wenig Raum für die Montage erforderlich
  • Die Anzeigeteil kann nur mit Schrauben an der Frontplatte montiert werden
  • Das DSA-Controller-Anzeige-Board wird mit Anschluss-Set, Kabel, LCD Display, für Relais für Schaltnetzteil-und Ausgangsstufen
  • Lieferung ohne Relais, programmiert


  • Power up/down of the CD-Pro2 Power Supply switched over Relays (optional)
  • Remote Control
  • Cover open/close → Motor drive optional
  • power supply 5 V
  • DSA Bus for CD-Pro2
  • push buttons soldered
  • I2S DAC mode switch

Operating keys on the Front PCB:

  • Play/Pause
  • Stop
  • Next track
  • Previous track
  • Stand by

Supported functions over the remote control:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Stop
  • Next track
  • Previous track
  • Intro scan
  • Repeat disc
  • Search forward/backward

More informations you find here:

CD-Pro2-LF Details


Features of the CD-Pro2LF

  • Complete plug-and-play unit: high-performance Premium 10502 system + professional VAM1254/21 CD mechanism

  • Heavy die-cast metal frame for improved performance and stability : robust and reliable design for professional high-end audio applications

  • Same dimensions and fixation as CD-Pro (VAU1252), CD-Pro2 (VAU1254/11) and CD-Pro2M (VAU1254/31)

  • New designed solid turntable

  • Can read finalized and non-finalized audio CD-R and CD-RW discs

  • New active filter switching for start-up and playback

  • Very fast 99 tracks direct access

  • Standard DSA communication protocol

  • Backward compatible with CD-Pro (VAU1252), CD-Pro2 (VAU1254/11) and CD-Pro2M (VAU1254/31): same electrical connections and same communication interface

  • I2S audio interface for external high-performance DAC

  • digital output (EBU), analogue audio output (DAC on board)

  • For horizontal and specified vertical position applications

  • Magnet clamping and full metal weight clamper available

  • Cover of ESD protective material

  • Increased lifetime

  • RoHS compliant

Technical data you find in the download area: click here

Was Sie sehen, ist, was Sie bekommen:

  • DSA/Controller Board
  • Display Board
  • Set of cables
  • Connector-Set
  • CD-Pro2LF
  • Suspension Parts
  • high end disc clamp
  • Remote Control

connector set



remote control


Parts of the controller/display:

disc clamp clamper-5


Different assembly options:

One PCB after the other

The display PCB to the front panel and the controller to the bottom panel
How does it look reday assembled


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