Clock Upgrade for CD-Pro and other devices

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Upgrade your Player with the Supreme Clock1 +/- 1 ppm  will upgrade the sound stage: deeper and wider and the sound will be less harsh and mor e silky.

The jitter of the 1 ppm Clock is 1/10  jitter of the normal clock of the CD-Pro.

  • 8.467200 MHz - for other Frequencies please send us an inquiry.

+ power supply without transformer


Output stage with transformer


The actual transformers are tiny toriod's, inside an SMD package.
That eliminates the problem of a hum loop and makes the replacement easier!




Frequency: 22.579200 MHz
Accuracy at 25 deg C: +/- 1ppm.
Accuracy from 20 to 50 deg C: +1/-5 ppm.
Jitter: 1.0pS RMS (10 Hz - 50 kHz range).
Jitter: 47 femto Sec RMS (12 kHz - 20 MHz range.
Frequency Deviation(8-24V): Max 1Hz.
Power Supply Requirements:

9.00 - 24.00 Volts DC 20 mA.

Measurements 24x77x12 mm




What you get:

  • clock device
  • power supply without transformer
  • HF silver/teflon cable for onnecting the clock to the CD-Pro
  • manual dismantle the old clock and connecting of the new the clock



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