DSA Controller/Display


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Product no.: 21059

DSA Controller/Dsiplay section for CD-Pro2LF, high quality components with VFD display, programmed PIC IC, only compinents and PCB, not soldered

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Product no.: 21026

DSA controller/ Display for CD-Pro2lf, parts and PCB - not soldered, programmed PIC IC, high quality components

86.00 *

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Product no.: 21055

2 x 250 mA




47.01 *

In stock
can be shipped within 4-6 days

Product no.: 21024

Controller / Display, empty PCB for CD-Pro2LF, with programmed PIC

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In stock
can be shipped within 6 days

Product no.: 21033

Universal Remote Control LIFE® 10-in-1, programmed

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Not in stock

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