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Product no.: 21004

Digital output stage with special transformer AES/EBU, s/pdif for CD-Pro2LF and other digital sources (CD-Pro2, VAU1254/31), Parts and PCB - not solderd

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Product no.: 21048[1]

PLL Jitter Reduction incl. Buffer ad Line Driver:

NEW: all condensers MKP or Mica Silver

By the circuit the following improvements are possible, which depend naturally strongly on the input signal and on the following DAC entry stage: It works all more calmly and more cleared up. The woman's voices are very silky. The high frequencies are less sharp. Everything works more vividly and more audible.

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Product no.: 2100482[1]

The sound performance will be extremly upgrade by the reclocking module, that is be connected by silver/Tevlon HF wires.

A very precise clock that replaces original clockIt is installed in an aluminum block decoupled from the outside world 0,2 ppm crystal oszillator, low-noise and low drift power supply and transformer clock outputs.

8.467200 MHz - for other Frequencies please send us an inquiry.

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