New CD-Pro - now!

New CD-Pro - now!

Is now available including controller





After a long wait after the end of production of the old CD-Pro2, the time has come:

We introduce a new drive with the "successor" of the famous CD-Pro2 from Philips.


The new drive consists of a sturdy aluminum chassis that has been milled from solid. It is double-springed and has some advantages over the old CD-Pro2.

It is based on the SONY MECHANISM KHM 313AAM that has been given a brass turntable over the normal drive. Since the mechanism is built into a special chassis, scanning safety and stability are increased many times over. Add to that the decoder. It is based on a Philips SAA 7824 and is therefore very similar to the CD-pro2.

These are the prerequisites for perfect sampling and decoding of the signal.

The signal can be output via I2S and s / pdif. Lower jitter is ensured by a high-precision clock in two quality levels.

Ultimately, the module is supplied with only one voltage source, which is particularly high quality.