Power Supplies

Uncompromising power supplies: The skillful selection of the components and the layout with mass star point, as well as the employment of quality electronical components provide for actually already very high-quality output voltages. A special attention applied with the development of the noise filtering. Now we provided the quality again improved with a special circuit in the output, which reduces the noise. here are the features: Input 230V, +9V 1,25 A continuous (for analog part CD-Pro) +5V 1,25 A continuous (for digital part of CD-Pro and controller) -21V (315mA), - 18,5 V (315mA) for display section Ground star point (on power supply) plug and play module with high quality parts: high quality Panasonic FC Electrolyt condensers, long life 105° 13.600 µF for each voltage 5 and 9 Volt - parallel MKT/MKP condensers for rectifiers and electrolytic condensers - high speed rectifiers - LM 317/337 for each voltage - noise reduction circuit for the audio voltages - all parts oversized for performance reserve - very high quality PCB - hand soldered with silver soldering tin - 100% tested and burned in - coating against vibration - parts glued on the pcb transformers on a separate pcb with the AC-noise-filter