Power Supply for CD-Player (d)

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Uncompromising power supply: The skillful selection of the construction units and the layout with mass star point, as well as the employment of quality construction units provide for actually already very high-quality output voltages. A special attention applied with the development of the noise filtering. Now we provided the quality again
improved with a special circuit in the output, which reduces the noise.

A perfect result in a clean voltage supply reached through consistent filtering of the mains voltage, suppression of high frequency pulses on the lines by ferrite rings, outstanding stable voltage supply with low noise and an decoupling of high frequency interference portions in each section of the voltage supply by inductances in the supply lines.

The advantages ouf our power supply: warm and silky sound with a very good noise reduction and low voltage swing - the result of a long lasting development period.


Power Supplies at a glance:



What you get with the power supply for the CD-Pro2LF:

  • +9V 1,25 A continuous (for analog part CD-Pro)

  • +5V 1,25 A continuous (for digital part of CD-Pro)

  • Ground star point (on power supply)

  • plug and play module with high end electronic parts

  • high quality Panasonic FC Electrolyt condensers, long life 105°

  • 14100 µF for each voltage 5 and 9 Volt

  • special Panasonic audio parallel MKT/MKP condensers for rectifiers and electrolytic condensers

  • high speed rectifiers

  • LM 317 for each voltage

  • noise reduction circuit for both voltages

  • high end connectors for DC

  • all parts oversized for performance reserve

  • very high quality PCB

  • hand soldered with silver soldering brazing.

  • 100% tested and burned in

  • coating against vibration

  • parts glued on the pcb

  • transformers on a separate pcb with the AC-noise-filter


The advantages of this high end power supply:

  1. A very complex two-stage filtering on the AC line side. The second stage is discretely developed and co-ordinated with the drive assembly.

  2. The transformer we use are small from it’s  dimensions but strong and have only a small scattering field. That means less magnetic induction.

  3. An extremely complex analogue power supply with many innovative details.

  4. A very stable supply voltage with extremely low noise and spikes from the AC side.

  5. All supply voltages are high frequency-moderately decoupled.

  6. All lines are blocked by ferrite cores for high frequency disturbances .

Measurements output swing and noise:

Measurement of the output noise:

The combination of the high-end stable voltage regulation, a two stage filtering on the AC lines and a good transformer... 

The result of these considerations is perfect a voltage supply.

All lines are blocked by ferrite cores against high frequency disturbances .


More informations you will find here: http://www.akustik-perfekt.homepage.t-online.de/the-audio-collection/html/power_supply.html


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